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Ralphy's Concert Agenda:

Friday 12 March 2010: Customs + 32OHM (Fenix Sittard) 20.00 hours

Friday 26 March 2010: Destine + Only Seven Left + Make Believe (Nieuwe Nor Heerlen) 18.30 hours

Sunday 28 March 2010: Jean Michel Jarre (Country Hall Luik) 20.00 hours

Friday 02 April 2010: The Mad Trist + Team William (Nieuwe Nor Heerlen) 20.30 hours

Sunday 09 May 2010: Third Eye Blind (Luxor Köln) 20.00 hours

Friday 28 to Sunday 30 May 2010 Pinkpop at Megaland Landgraaf with a.o. Rammstein, Green Day & The Prodigy

Thursday 01 to Sunday 04 July Open'er Festival at Gdynia-Kosakowo with a.o. Pearl Jam, Kasabian & The Hives

Friday 26 November 2010: Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds Live (Lotto Arena Antwerp) 20.00 hours

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Ralphy's Dutch Top Ten 2010:

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Construction based on my personal preferences and commercial and radio-success in The Netherlands.

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Week 09

this last   Song Artist(s)       Country




1 4 3 Hey, soul sister Train 1 X USA
2 2 7 Try sleeping with a broken heart Alicia Keys       USA
3 3 4 A night like this Caro Emerald       NL
4 5 4 All the right moves OneRepublic       USA
5 10 2 Heartbreak warfare John Mayer   X USA
6 6 2 Don't tell me that it's over Amy MacDonald   X   Scotland
7 7 2 Resistance Muse     England
8 1

Empire state of mind (part II) broken down

Alicia Keys     USA
9 1 13 Fireflies Owl City 1     USA
10 8 6 Halfway gone Lifehouse   X   USA

Ralphy's Hittip of this week is: Whataya want from me - Adam Lambert X

More Hittips: check out www.aowekino.nl

Ralphy's Dutch Top Ten Hitlist is in the 25st year of its existence. It all started back in 1985 when I was tired of all the shit that was listed in all the regular existing hitlists and I just thought it was time for a hitlist without all (or most) of the crap music. It's been a hobby since than and from the end of 1998 on I've been publishing the hitlist on this site. To celebrate the 15th anniversary in 2000 from than on I also started publishing Ralphy's Dutch Top Ten from 15 years ago and here it is.

Ralphy's Dutch Top Ten 1995:

Week 09

this last  






1 5 2 Informer Snow 1   Canada
2 2 5 Must be crazy for me Melissa Etheridge   X   USA
3 1 7 She goes nana The Radios 1     Belgium
4 3 9 Give in to me Michael Jackson 1 X   USA
5 7 2 Don't tear me up Mick Jagger   X England
6 1 Somebody to love (live) George Michael & Queen   X England
7 4 7 Lumberjack Jackyl       USA
8 1 In these arms

Bon Jovi

9 1 Soul with a capital "S" Tower of Power       USA
10 1 Can't do a thing (to stop me) Chris Isaak       USA

Ralphy's Hittip of this week was: I have nothing - Whitney Houston X

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